Thanks for all your hard work on this paper. You took the lead and did an excellent job. Well done. 

     You made it really easy for me. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we have the chance again in the future.

Michael Dryden, DVM, PhD 
E.J. Frick Professor of Veterinary Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
Kansas State University 
Feb 10, 2014


     I want to thank you again for your patience and professionalism in completing this important project. In our business, I find that we cannot do everything ourselves.  It is indeed a pleasure to have a great consultant like you to help us on those special projects that need the steady hand of a trained professional like you.

   Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Randy C. Lynn, DVM, MS, DACVCP
Director of Regulatory Affairs
IDEXX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Mar 31, 2004


     The work you did for us was excellent. The extra information in the nutrition components was very useful. Data about individual countries' labeling legislation is very difficult to find, and to have the situation in North America clarified will help with making our products more useful for the markets there.
     The transfer of our data to the new web-based production system is ongoing. We received the first draft of the Felis data this week, but there is still much work to do in-house before we launch.
     Once again, thank you for turning the work around so quickly and for carrying out such a good and thorough job. It was greatly appreciated.

Robert Sitton
Production Editor
May 23, 2002

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"I’ve worked with many primary investigators in a variety of ways to streamline the writing, editing, and publication process. The investigator and I will start with a conversation so I can understand the essence of the study and the hurdles that are slowing things down. I often write the first draft of the abstract, introduction, discussion, and conclusions, while the investigator usually provides the materials and methods section from the protocol and the results section, the latter of which has been reviewed by a statistician.

I can also help select the best journal for submission and even submit the manuscript and manage response to reviewers as well. Many of the investigators I work with are experienced authors and are well equipped to do all of this themselves. That said, anything I can do to help with parts of the process will free them up to do other activities.

Oh, by the way, I love this work!" 

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